We provide Airbnb consulting, short-term rental resources and tools for investors and hosts who are looking to buy, grow or scale their Airbnb business
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about BuildYOURBNB

Helping Investors Make Better Decisions

We've built this resource to help people build and scale their short-term rental properties, as a way to build wealth and generate income or simply get that vacation home to pay for itself when you're not using it.
Doing Airbnb is both easy and difficult at the same time. It’s easy because the concept is simple. But it’s difficult because of the many nuances involved - from picking the right property to setting everything up on a budget to optimizing the performance of your listings to maximize revenue. It requires you to be a real estate developer, contractor, interior designer, handyman, marketing expert and hotelier all in one. It is all doable, but much easier when you have a trusted resource on your side.
We started this website to help new and existing Airbnb hosts to get more properties, automate the workflow, and maximize your revenue potential.


How We Can Help You

The value we can offer to investors and buyers looking to get into short-term rentals comes down to a few key elements: we provide resources or 1:1 consulting to help you better analyze the markets, buy a better property, and shorten your learning curve, so you can get you profitable sooner.

Our role is that of an unbiased 3rd party resource to point you in the right direction, provide you with honest feedback, and help you make better decisions.

Courses for short term rental


Every investor interested in short-term rentals needs to understand how to do 3 things well:

1. How to properly analyze the market and its potential,
2. How to properly analyze a property and see whether it can cashflow, and
3. How to automate operations it doesn’t become your 2nd full time job.

We do this ourselves every day with our own portfolio and now offer courses on these critical topics.

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We provide 1-on-1 consulting where we can work with investors and buyers on your specific situation.

Whether you’re thinking about buying a vacation rental home that you want to rent out on Airbnb or you want to build a real estate portfolio focused on short-term rentals, we can help you with property analysis, market analysis, or even help you define the questions you should be asking (and help with the answers too!).

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Short-term rentals provide all of the benefits of real estate investing (cashflow, tax benefits, appreciation), but can provide higher returns than traditional long-term rentals.

If you are an accredited investor who is interested in investing in our future short-term rentals, we’d be happy to schedule a 1-on-1 phone call with you and discuss your personal goals.

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Our library of resources provides everything from the comprehensive step-by-step guide and ready-to-go templates to set up your first Airbnb, to detailed reviews of the top tools available to investors and hosts, to a custom database of top real estate markets in the U.S. for where you can invest.

We invite you to learn and explore!

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about us

Hi, We’re Susan and Boris

We are professional Airbnb hosts with properties in multiple cities in the US, hosting approximately 10,000 guests per year - while doing it completely remotely. We’re not gurus or self-proclaimed experts - rather we just love the concept behind Airbnb, love finding ways to create systems and improve the processes, and sharing this with others who are looking to get closer to financial independence from a 9-5.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

With Boris & Susan's help, I was able to acquire multiple properties that are now on track to generate over $100,000 in annual revenue on Airbnb.

Providence, RI

It's been super helpful when you don't need to reinvent the wheel, but can use the best practices to speed up the process of launching your property.

New York, NY

Over the last two years, we've set up two properties on Airbnb and have automated 95% of the work, so we can run them while maintaining full time jobs.

Boston, MA

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