Property # 1

  • 4 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Apartment
  • Purchase Price: $395,000

Property Summary

* This was a recently renovated 4-bed, 2-bath condo.

* Great location - close to the subway and downtown.

* Good layout (2 bedrooms/1 bathroom per floor).

* Simple and fast setup.

Launch Costs

Category                                            Expenses

Closing Costs                                     $9,635
Renovations                                        $0
Furnishing                                           $12,098
Pre-Launch Costs                              $2,637


No items found.

Work performed

As the property was recently fully renovated prior to purchase, it did not require any additional work on our end.

The main thing we've done was just add a washer and dryer hookup, as the apartment did not have that prior.


This property was furnished and ready to go within a month.

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