Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.
The goal isn't more money.
The goal is living life on your term.

Meet our team

Boris Mordkovich - CEO & Co-Founder

Boris has spent over 15 years creating, nurturing and growing boutique eCommerce brands. He started building his own short-term rental portfolio, together with Susan, as a way to create financial security and stability for his family and has since grew the business to numerous properties that host over 10,000 guests per year. His specialty is finding the right properties, setting up systems and automation for effective management, and bringing together people that are better than him to help grow the business.

Susan Zhao - CXO & Co-Founder

Being a marketing professional for 10+ years in both large corporations and boutique hospitality brands, Susan has put her marketing expertise and relentless attention to details into real-estate. Starting the short-term rental journey with Boris, Susan is the main driver behind the memorable and impeccable experiences we deliver to our guests, from creating the spaces themselves to adding the small touches that make the guest experiences special. Currently she oversees digital and physical experiences for all the short-term rental properties, as well as branding, marketing and finances

Alex Stegemann - Chief Consultant & Short-Term Rental Operator

Alex can be described as a jack-of-all-trades, able to handle any aspect of his personal growing short-term rental portfolio. With a keen understanding of market research and underwriting phase, he also provide guidance on how to automate the management of the properties, oversee the renovation, furnishing, staffing, and task automation processes. His attention to detail and enthusiastic personality makes for beautiful (and profitable) short term rental properties. Alex truly enjoys sharing his experience, advice, and knowledge with others to help them succeed in their real estate investments.

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