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Whether you’re a new or an existing real estate / short-term rental investor or a host, we are glad to offer unbiased advice and guidance to help you make the most out of your short-term rental. All of our Consulting Calls will be conducted by our business partner, Alex Stegemann, who brings years of experience and real-world expertise for everything short-term rentals.

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What We Offer

We’ve always thought that it’s quite unbalanced that in large real estate transactions, the person the buyer relies on the most is their real estate agent. While they can be very helpful, there is a misalignment of interests -- their commission depends on you purchasing the property and paying the maximum for it. 

We see the value that we provide as that of an unbiased 3rd party that doesn’t have a vested interest in the financial outcome. Our goal is first and foremost to help you avoid making expensive mistakes, figure out how to properly approach market and property research, and -- once you have a property -- how to build a short-term rental business that doesn’t create a 2nd full time job for you while also maximizing your cashflow.

We offer consulting services for new and existing short-term rental hosts and investors that cover a range of situations:


  • You are looking to buy a short-term rental property and need guidance on how to select the right market and the right property.
  • You already have a property in mind and you want a second opinion to help figure out how it will perform financially.
  • You want to understand whether short-term rentals are the right real estate strategy for you in the first place.


  • You have an existing property that you’re looking to convert into short-term rentals.
  • You want to understand how to best manage a short-term rental.
  • You want advice on developing a strategy that can help you maximize your occupancy and daily rates.
  • You want a bit of clarity of which tools you can use to help you automate the processes.
  • You are looking for interior design help and advice on how to make the property stand out.


  • You want to acquire multiple properties to build a short-term rental portfolio and want to better define your strategy.
  • You’re a seasoned real estate investor and want to explore whether short-term rentals make sense to expand into.
  • You’re considering investing into short-term rentals and want a 3rd party opinion to see if the figures make sense.


* Hourly: Our 1-on-1 consulting service is available at $299 per hour, or

* 5-Hour Package: If you are in the process of acquiring a property or want to develop a more comprehensive real estate investment strategy for your portfolio focusing on short term rentals, we recommend to do for a 5-hour consulting package. This will allow to go more in depth, develop a more comprehensive plan and strategy, and will pay for itself many times over in the long-term. Calls can be broken down into 5 one-hour calls or fewer longer ones at your preference. This package is available at $1,495 and includes complementary access to our Short-Term Rental Markets Database (you'll save $350).

To get started, simply click on add to cart and select your preferred option at the check out page. You’ll be able to schedule the call at a time that works best after checking out. 

If you have any questions on whether this is the right fit for you, feel free to send us an email first via our contact us page.

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