Property # 3

  • 4 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Single Family House
  • Listed Price: $300,000
  • Purchase Price: $300,000

Property Summary

* Sold on the MLS by the owners who were living in it.
* Very well maintained, very cozy single family house
* Residential neighborhood close to downtown.
* Second floor of the house recently fully renovated.
* Off-street parking available.

Launch Costs

Category                                            Expenses 

Closing Costs                                       $10,155
Seller Credit                                          $6,947
Renovations                                          $8,241
Furnishing                                             $13,141
Pre-Launch Costs                                $2,120


No items found.

Work performed

The previous owners recently completed a modern and high end remodel on the second floor. First floor was slightly older, but also in a pretty good condition with a phenomenal little kitchen and spacious living room and dining room areas. We loved the fact that it managed to maintain the old charm,

The layout (2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom per floor), as well as parking for 3 vehicles in the back would make it an easy rental both by the bedrooms and as a full house for larger groups.

When we came in, we mainly just did a paint job as the house had some strange colors in the bedrooms and common areas that made it feel a bit outdated and cramped. A well done paint job made the entire property feel more modern and spacious. Since it was recently renovated, we were able to get started quickly, furnish it and go live within about a month.


The process from beginning to work on the property to launch was a little over a month. We were actually living on premises for some of the time, as we were exploring the city ourselves, so we weren't in a huge rush. If needed, the timeline could likely be shortened by 2x.

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