Pasadena Airbnb / Short Term Rental Regulations

Pasadena Airbnb & Short-Term Rental Regulations are important to any investor or host thinking about starting a short-term rental property. We've pulled together data and information from government and other sources to make it easier for you to not just see the regulation and ordinances on short-term rentals, but also get an overview of the short-term rental activity and potential, real estate prices and trends, and population size and growth.

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Airbnb / Short Term Rental Regulation Summary

You MUST live at the property for at least 9 months in a calendar year. If you own a property with multiple units (duplex, triplex, etc) and live in one of the units, you can short-term rent your unit plus only ONE additional unit (but you cannot short term rent “accessory dwelling units” permitted on or after Jan 1, 2017). You must get a short-term rental permit, get an inspection, and collect and pay “hotel taxes.” But you don’t need to also get a business license

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Is Airbnb / Short Term Rental Legal for Non-Owner Occupied Property?

Vacation rentals and properties where the property owner does not reside for a minimum of nine (9) months out of the year are not permitted to be used for the purpose of short-term renting.

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