Property #7

  • Single Family House
  • Listed Price: $259,000
  • Purchase Price: $259,000

Property Summary

* This was a historical Federal style home with a lot of characteristic

* Located in the White Mountain area in New Hampshire, surrounded by a lot of outdoor activities

* 7 beds 3 bath. House was very well maintained by the previous owner

* We did value-add projects after acquiring the property, including cosmetic renovation, branding & marketing

Launch Costs

Category                                            Expenses

Closing Costs                                     $12,678
Renovations                                        $9.228
Furnishing                                           $13,083
Pre-Launch Costs                              $2,388


No items found.

Work performed

The property was very well maintained by the previous owner, so we didn't do too much big renovation projects and kept it's original characters. However, we did refinish two big walk-in closets they have into 2 additional bedrooms.

We did some polish work the deck and backyard, added picnic area, swing chair chilling area and fire pit area, so our guests can enjoy the outdoor space of the house more.

One major project we did with this house is branding and marketing. As a vacation house, we would like to add a little bit more story and characters to the house so that we can differentiate ourselves among our competitors in the area.


We closed on the property on Oct 30, 2020 and got to work right away. We were still able to get everything done and launched within 1 months. We went live on December 1st.

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