Full-Service Setup & Management

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For people who would like to get started with  short-term rentals, but do not wish to to manage everything yourself, we provide full-service setup and management offering including property & listing setup, guest communications, property maintenance, performance optimization, and so on.

We’ll work with you to ensure that the property is a good candidate for short-term rentals, develop financial and cashflow forecasts, handle the initial design, as well as actual, physical setup of the property. We’ll then bring on and train local housekeeper and handymen and manage those relationships, as well as all of the guest communication on your behalf.

This allows you to benefit from all of the advantages of a short-term rental real estate investment, while having professionals manage and optimize it for you on an ongoing basis.

The detailed service include:

  • Financial Analysis: We’ll provide you with a detailed budget and financial analysis, so you have realistic expectations about how your property will perform under different scenarios.
  • Interior Design: We’ll work to fully design your space to attract the clientele that you want, while staying within your budget.
  • Property Setup: One of our trusted team members will fly out to actually setup the property, which includes overseeing all of the furniture assembly, as well as training and vetting housekeeper and handyman. 
  • Photography: We’ll arrange for professional photos to be taken of your space, so it can stand above the rest and attract more clients.
  • Full Setup on Multiple Platforms: We’ll get your property setup and listed on Airbnb, as well as VRBO and Booking.com (as needed), so you benefit from maximum exposure.
  • Develop & Finetune Pricing Strategy: We’ll continuously work to optimize the pricing of your property, so you can the maximum revenue possible.
  • Handle All Guest Communications: We’ll oversee all of the guest communication, so you never have to deal with that 11pm phone call from a guest when something goes wrong.
  • Ground Team Management & Coordination: We’ll manage your local ground team to ensure that the property is kept in excellent shape and all of the minor issues are being handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Monthly Financial Reporting: You’ll receive a comprehensive monthly report that will outline your property’s performance, revenues, and expenses.

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